My first time at a WildBlue Aircraft Show


Aircraft shows have always fascinated me right from my childhood. The same goes with my grandmother, who loves Aircraft shows. We both got an opportunity to visit the famous WildBlue Aircraft event that was held at our State last week. Here, I would like to share some of the interesting incidents that happened during our visit to the Aircraft show.

It was an amazing view when we first entered the venue with all those giant aircrafts and biplanes placed on the ground. There was a huge crowd of spectators who were very much excited to watch the show just like us. My grandmother was pleased about visiting the show as it was her longtime desire. With her being diagnosed with dcis breast cancer, I felt it is very much important for me to fulfill her everlasting desire.

The show was organised by the WildBlue Aircraft and there were both the dynamic air shows and the static air shows for the event. We first made our visit to the static air show where many models of aircrafts were exhibited. My grandmother was astonished to see them so close by and I really enjoyed her expressions. There were biplanes, gliders, helicopters, and a few unmanned aircraft systems. Every model was accompanied with a neat explanation about its key features.

I had to take some time to explain my grandma about them as she was more interested and eager to know about them. I was happy when she enjoyed herself after so much struggle in the past few months. Due to the cancer, she severely suffered from weight loss. So this visit was inevitable for her to regain her happiness that she lost due to the suffering.

So coming back to our visit, the next thing we did was to visit the aircraft show that exhibits the flying aircrafts. The childishness of my grandma came out when we entered the show. She was overwhelmed to see the flying aircraft and biplanes. The weather was too good on the day of our visit, so we really enjoyed the view. The aviators were so talented that they displayed their skills so well.

There was a display of harmony among various aircraft pilots and they flew with complete coordination. We were completely lost in their display and it was a glorious view that one should never miss in his/her lifetime. This is the very reason that I took my grandma even at this stage of her life.

The show was started in the evening and it continued till the night. There were many patterns that the aviators displayed in the sky. The colorful display stole our eyes. We did not miss to take the snapshots of those wonderful views. The most attractive display was the multicolor display where the aircraft flew to different angles from a common point. It was a delight for the audiences and we really enjoyed it.

The organisers of the aircraft show gave a speech about the safety measures that have been taken in the event. I could see that with my own eyes that they have maintained a rather good distance between the crowd and the area where aircrafts fly. Even the slow moving aircraft were flying a bit far from the crowd and we did note that. It was all well planned and well coordinated.

When it was time to leave, my grandma obliged to meet one of the aviators. But I was not sure about that. It was our luck, one of the aviators was just passing by us and we were able to talk to him. More than me, my grandma was too excited and she expressed her wishes to him. The guy was too polite and he was concerned to know about my grandma’s breast cancer and consequent weight loss. When it was the time to leave, my grandma took an autograph from him and that really made her day!

It was just a pleasant to visit the WildBlue Aircraft show and being the first time, it was really a thrilling experience. Having taken my grandma somewhere she was yearning to go, I am so much contented at my heart. Not many of us get a chance always to visit such aircraft shows, but if you do, please don’t miss the opportunity. You will find it more interesting when you make your presence there.