This website used to be about Wild Blue Satellite Internet Systems from February 2005, to October 4th, 2011. I finally found what I want this website to be about, Aircrafts! But first, I think it would be fascinating if I posted some of the information that was previously placed on this website from the past…


A General Overview of the past Products & Services:

WildBlue was expected to be the first Ka-band ‘spot beam’ satellite broadband service to be offered to consumers. Back then, product roll-out was scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2005 ..

That spot beam technology was a big part of what separates wildblue2WildBlue from it’s competitors. According to WildBlue, the use of spot beams were increased service capacity by four to six times over the conventional Ku-band satellites that was being used by other satellite internet providers. This increased service should have translated to lower service costs to end users.

Also potentially lowering costs to consumers was WildBlue’s hardware development, which were based on the cable industries tried and true “DOCSIS” (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) technology. Using DOCSIS, WildBlue could have made use of existing hardware, chipsets, and more. Though DOCSIS would have to be adapted for WildBlue’s service, the end results held much potential.

Wild Blue used The Canadian-built Anik F2 satellite (successfully launched on July 17th 2005). With it’s 52 Ka-band (30 Ghz) transponders at 111.1 degrees, consumers with mini dishes were able to receive bothwildblue3 broadband Internet and satellite television from DirecTV or EchoStar’s DISH Network. Wild Blue reportedly leased 30 of the 45 Ka band transponders on F-2 for 2-way internet access. When they got their own satellite (WildBlue-1) launched, WildBlue reportedly used Anik F2 as a back-up.

Wild blue used a 28″ x 26″ mini-dish and external satellite modem to bring their services to customers. The modem connected to a PC or Mac much the same way as a cable or DSL modem would, via the RJ-45/ethernet port of a networking card.

Alike many aspects of the WildBlue product, the actual performance of the system would only be known for certain when it releases. They are saying downstream speeds will range from 512Kbps to 1.5Mbps, depending on the service package the consumer purchases.

Mark Mark
I can’t wait to read more about aircrafts and less about this piece of satellite technology.

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Right? It seemed pretty lame.

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Talking Moose
But it probably was useful for some.

( …You’re right though, aircrafts are way cooler. )



I’ve decided to change the topic of this website from Wildblue Satellite Internet Systems, to Wild Blue aircrafts, as I’m a lot more interested in that than I am interested in satellite service providers. Everything about aircrafts such as different types, flying, the engines etc etc., has always been a huge hobby and interest of mine, and I hope you will enjoy this new site as much as I will.

Just for fun, in a post below, I have posted lyrics to a song that would fit perfectly on this website called ‘Wild Blue Yonder’.


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What about Wild Blue Aircrafts?

David David
Well, there are quite a few interesting things about them.

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Ha, yeah. I even think it’s a way more funner topic. Just you wait.

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Here’s a little story..


I grew up liking aircrafts and I dreamt about becoming a pilot. My friends would laugh at me for having such a big dream but I was steadfast with what I wanted in life and career.

The person who made me like this career was Captain James Johnson who was a pilot with the American Airforce. He used to come home in the white uniform and I admired how descent he looked. He was my next door neighbor and I would sneak into his home when he was around to ask about aeroplanes.

He was such a nice guy that everyone loved to hear about his stories flying into enemy zones where one was never sure of whether they would make it through alive. Despite the risks and the fact that my family had no history in aircraft career, I worked hard to become just like Captain Johnson.

Making the choices right

From the knowledge I got from Captain Johnson, I knew what I had to do to become wild blue Aircraft pilot. I needed to major in sciences and that is what I did both in high school and college. I used to perform better in sciences and math thanks to my mum and dad who are both retired teachers.

My mum was a high school science teacher in my former high school while my dad was a mathematics lecturer in the local college. Their insights gave me lots of support and that is why today I live my dream.

Accomplishing my long-term dream

After college I enlisted for the Airforce and my good grades gave me an excellent pass. By then captain Johnson had retired but I made a point of informing him about my achievement and how he was part of the inspiration which had made me come this far. Another thing I did not tell you is the motivation I got from my maternal aunt who was so impressed with my ambitions and she always prayed that my dreams come true.

By the time I joined the Airforce, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she would appreciate whenever I visited her. She listened to my stories about air conquests and she reminded me of how much she prayed for me to get where I was. I would spend hours talking to her and she always said that it helped to see me becoming a fine young man with a flourishing career.

Why being a pilot is the best thing that ever happened to me

By the time I joined the airforce, I was overweight. This is a problem I inherited partly from my parents and my poor diet. But once I joined this career, I became conscious of my health and took into exercise and special foods. For the first 3 months I felt like quitting but I kept pressing on and now I have achieved the best fitness level because of this fasting program that anyone would be envious.

I’m so happy that my childhood interest has come to pay off. Just like I received the right career counsel; I would not hesitate to help anyone with the same career dreams.